Gifts for Givers: Gift ideas for the MD in your life

Gifts for Givers: Gift ideas for the MD in your life

Holiday gift giving for doctors can be trying at times (so I am told). We are a busy, intensely career focused bunch, but let's be honest: we still love a good gift. So here are my top gift ideas:


1) Scrubs. Yes, we wear them allll the time. Designer scrubs are big right now because even at the hospital we want to be comfortable and feel good. My fave is Figs. I am a weird stickler for looking like a surgeon (I'll blame all those years in training to be one) so I prefer my scrubs to looks like surgical scrubs too so I like the  & the cargo pants. More here.

2) A tool for work. These are expensive but can be particularly great gifts. You have to know what they need though! A personalized stethoscope is great -- particularly for the med student or to-be-med student. Loupes are another pricey but-oh-so-useful gift -- these can't be a surprise though because they need to be fitted. I love love LOVE (can I say it again? LOVE) my red loupes from Designs for Vision.


3) A specialty-specific piece of art. One of my co-bloggers, 20/20 Glance just posted a lot of great gifts for a special eye doctor in your life! Most of us love what we do and it is so much a part of who we are that an art piece is a no-brainer. I am especially thrilled to find Lyon Road Art which makes specialty art prints ranging from genetics to dental to ortho to ENT!

Defective Barbie is one of my favorite artists and I am blessed to own a few of her pieces. She paints strong, stunning watercolor prints of the female form that would be a great gift for anyone -- but particularly a dermatologist, ophthalmologist or plastic surgeon. Plus she's on sale this December (check!)

You can even use their own DNA to create art -- I've done this before and it was a much loved gift!

Screenshot 2017-12-03 13.36.44.png

4) Something to do! If you have a doctor in your life you know we are busy. Crazy. Busy. And we often sacrifice our own time for our patient's needs, finishing the grant or paper, or, eh, billing. A gift of doing something (with the giver!) can be just what the doctor needs. I'll leave it to you to decide the event/venue but I personally love to peruse Goldstar to see what's going on in LA.

Screenshot 2017-12-03 14.11.06.png

5) Be ridiculous. In my brief 'best gifts for doctors' google search -- to make sure this top 5 blog has not already been posted somewhere else -- I came across the ridiculous. Meet the Doctor Bobblehead. This is pure cheese but you can even send in pictures to make sure the head resembles your doc. All I've got for this one is a wow. 

6) Give a Gift to Others. Most Doctors have a charity or two that they love and a donation is a huge blessing. 

Some that I love include:

Know the Glow which promoted retinoblastoma awareness.

Freedom & Fashion, which empowers abused and disadvantaged youth in the greater LA area to utilize the power of fashion to create and to overcome.

Of course, the amazing research going on at the Vision Center at CHLA. This is a personal gift so make sure to have an idea which your favorite MD supports.

Hope this holiday season continues to be merry & bright! Happy gift giving Modas!

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