I was asked recently to give some recommendations for some nice things to, ahem, wear under all these work clothes. So I decided I'd review this pretty lace racer back by ThirdLove. A few things I really like about this brand: first, it is a woman-run brand, with 1/2 sizing on cups, dedicated to making well fitting bras for all shapes and sizes. AND they have this cool 'try before you buy' program for anyone looking to find the best fit. I love it. Read more about the fit here. For me, and I think most working women, I just don't want to bother with anything. I need something that fits well, all day, moves with me, and can manage changing in and out of scrubs 5 times a day (yup, some days are like that). This racer back looks too frilly to manage such a thing but it did! It is really comfortable and lives up to the slogan: the best bra is one you never think about. I've also tried the strapless bra, which is actually the best strapless I've ever owned, and didn't fall down after a night of dancing. Another really pretty one is the lace balconette which is comfortable enough to be an 'everyday' bra.  Give it a try (and remember to do the try before you buy program!).  As one of my featured colleagues, Ani Khondkaryan wrote for her fashion tip: wear a good bra, it helps create your silhouette. And, I'd add, keeps you comfortable all day long! 

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