La Petite Robe

Chiara Boni la petite robe is another go-to designer in my closet. Her designs are made for busy career women and are intended to work, wear and travel well (they never wrinkle and are so comfortable). I love the cap sleeves and ruching on this dress which many of her styles have, but there's also a non-ruched sheath. The denim in these great schutz heels keeps the dress from being too cocktail-y for daytime. 

A tie for men has been replaced with a scarf for women at many professional events. To show off your workplace-pride my advice is to do a simple knot and let your neck and the emblem show. If you like the wrapped-neck look make sure your hair is pulled up and back to elongate the neck area and to clear the view around the shoulders.   Try not to wear a scarf like a noose or a lobster bib - and don't let the knot poof our your hair in back. In the right setting a draped scarf over the shoulder is easy and elegant too.


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