Sparkle & Shine: Jewelry Edit No. 3

Sparkle & Shine: Jewelry Edit No. 3

My second Rocksbox came and it has been so fun to try on all these little baubles. No wonder why my big (Theta) sister calls me a Magpie (!). Here are the details on this box and my reviews!

SLATE Chaune Hoop earrings: These hoop earrings are great for going out and I love the size of them -- in fact they were one of my 'wish' pieces. Unfortunately my curly hair kept getting stuck in them so back they go.

GORJANA beaded necklace in pewter and gold: This is a stunning necklace and I received TONS of compliments on it. The silver and gold contrast is lovely and it is really well made. It was a hard decision not to keep this one and basically came down to the fact I have something similar! Gorgeous! 

SHASHI Natalie ring in rose gold: So....I loved this ring so much that I basically wore it all week (as you can see below) and would have purchased it ($32), but after 1 week of wear the rose gold was already coming off. Too expensive for a ring you can only wear for a week so despite the elegant design it goes back.

In this shot you're getting a peek at another favorite artist of mine, Danny O'Connor -- this is a limited edition print entitled Anticipation of Fate - I wake up to it every day and I am not sending this one back!

Looking forward to sharing the next box with you! 

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