The Fold created this gorgeous Hampton wrap dress that competes with any other I have in my closet. I especially adore the neckline on this pretty frock --- It was a perfect piece to speak in at the American Eye Study Club meeting. I had it shortened because, as stated, I am not (ahem) tall but the longer length is pretty on most heights. To give my talk, I wore it with my all-time-have-in-many-colors-favorite blazer: Theory's modern open jacket. Men can easily wear a suit to every meeting but they're a little boring for women -- I prefer a pretty dress with a blazer over the top. This blazer is amazing for 3 reasons

1) it is collarless so shows a pretty neckline, like the draped V-neck on the Hampton dress

2) the collarless profile does not compete with hair, earrings etc.

3) the angled cut in front is modern and cute -- but more importantly creates a slim, waistline

White is great for a casual, summer meeting, and with these fantastic white Jimmy Choo Tamika pumps, but if you're looking to invest in a great blazer, definitely go with black.


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