Everson Royce

Everson Royce is hands down the best wine bar in Pasadena (...probably all of LA) and when Saarloos & Sons comes to town everyone is in line for a taste. This Alexander Wang back-baring top is perfect for a Friday night out. Just as clavicles became the new sex symbol a few years back, the skin to show these days is a glimpse of your back -- or so says the WSJ. The glimpse here is just a tiny peek which makes the top super versatile because the front is 100% conservative. Wear it with jeans and heels out or over a fitted pencil skirt with flats to work. If you're in LA check out ERB in DTLA or ER in Pasadena and wherever you are, check out Great Grandma by these powerhouse winemakers. TGIF!



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