Jesse BerryComment

Laboratory style: The aqueous edit

Jesse BerryComment
Laboratory style: The aqueous edit

Happy October 12th Modas! Today is my birthday -- which in and of itself is exciting because who doesn't love celebrations -- but I have some even more exciting news to share. While I spend most of my Moda posts focusing on #workwear and #conference style and showcasing LA based female designers, I think you all know that my day job -- which I love -- is treating tumors in the eyes of adults and children. For the past 2 years I have been researching a new way to biopsy a tumor in children called retinoblastoma, which forms in the retina, a structure in the back of the eye. You cannot directly biopsy this tumor because it may spread to the outside of the eye. Instead, with my amazing colleagues, we have now created a way to find tumor markers (DNA) in the clear fluid called the aqueous humor, which is located in the front of the eye (in a compartment away from the tumor). The paper was published today in JAMA Ophthalmology with commentary by one of my colleagues who is highly respected in the field. It was 3 years of work in the making and I hope will be the basis of much of my research for the rest of my career and will change the way we manage children with this disease. Fingers crossed!

Watch the video here

or read some press on the work here --

I recently read a blog post about how we as a society celebrate so many life events, but we don't celebrate professional achievements to the same level -- so today I am using Moda as a platform to celebrate this and to encourage you all -- no matter what -- to #lovewhatyouwear (because why not) and to definitely, #lovewhatyoudo.  

Thanks for all the support, inspiration, motivation, and love from y'all along the way. Thanks to those of you that read drafts of the paper and the grant applications and heard me babble about the aqueous for weeks -- ok months --  on end. Thank you, thank you! (you know who you are! xoxo!)


Here are a few of my lab colleagues -- we are actually a ton of fun but being VERY serious!


The Knights Templar Eye Foundation sponsored this research (along with Nautica and Bright Eyes) and I could not be more grateful to them --

rb diagram 2.png

This is the technique for the surrogate biopsy. Liking pretty dresses and doing really awesome science should never be considered mutually exclusive. Be who you are, Modas. Revel in it. Celebrate it. Be proud of it! I am proud of you all and to share this with you today--

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