Olá Portugal: Azores

 Olá Portugal: Azores

Hey Hey Modas! I recently returned from Portugal and have to say -- it was the best trip I have taken in a long, long time! Please add it to your bucket list!  We went to Lisbon and Sao Miguel in the Azores (some work and some play) -- and thoroughly enjoyed it (and the food was amazing!). Some of my recs are below!! I will do Part 1 for the Azores and Part 2 for Lisbon! Enjoy--


In the Azores we stayed at Pedras do Mar Resort which was well situated in the south center of the island and it is GORGEOUS! The service was phenomenal and I recommend it highly!


 Once you are settled take a drive to the top of Lagoa de Fogo (make sure you can drive a manual car -- and yes, you need a car to explore the island!)


stop for lunch at Botequim (please do have the fresh fish and the squid kabob!)

The next day leave early for Sete Cidades and The Boca de Inferno viewpoint. There is a blue lake and a green lake said to be made from the tears of lovers kept apart (one with blue and one with green eyes!)


Enjoy the gorgeous hydrangeas all along the island as you drive

And end the day with dinner at Tasca in the capitol Ponta delgada. It is a good place to try the Limpets -- an aquatic snail delicacy in Portugal. I am glad I tried them but they're not my new fave. Also this cute maxi is from Ronny Kobo and the detail work on it is amazing.


Spend the next day on the Volcanic Island of Ilheu (the line for the boat to take you there is hours long -- literally -- pack sunscreen accordingly)


After you go to Ilheu and before you go to lunch be sure to stop at Do Morgado cafe. It is where they make the famous Quijadas de Vila Franca. It is very close to the port and you can purchase them fresh from the ovens in packages to go. They are an island specialty (and very very sweet). 

Follow that with lunch at Bar de Caloura (this place is so great you could spend a whole day here!) at the restaurant with 3 Euro wine and this public swimming sea + pool 


End your trip with quick visit To Furnas and the Caldeiras to see the geysers (and try the local pots "cocidos" cooked by steam underground! And then visit the town of Mosteiros. The sunsets there are absolutely amazing and you can watch them with a glass of wine overlooking a volcanic swimming hole. It is truly special!


I can't wait to visit the Azores again and will likely try Pico where all the wine is grown! A great resource for all azores travel is on instagram -- a fabulous account @azoresislandsgirl -- worth a follow if you're planning a trip. On to Lisbon next! More in the next post. xoxo

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