Women in Medicine Part 2 #sweat

Women in Medicine Part 2 #sweat

Hey Modas! I am pretty excited to share our last Women in Medicine Event sponsored by Barry's Hollywood!  My super talented co-founder and I wanted to do these events to create a space for professional and life mentorship, but in a fun and relaxed way, and to provide a forum for young MDs-to-be to feel empowered to speak their mind and pursue their passions in and out of the white coat.

Our first event emphasized feeling comfortable and fashionable while at work (see #scrublife). Our second emphasized hard work - but on the treadmill! Because doctors surely agree with Barry's motto: good things come to those who sweat.  We had an awesome workout together (which is also healthy!) followed by matcha green tea smoothies. I am now a definite fan of Barry's and will be back! A good work out always calms my head and then maybe I can plan our next Women in Medicine event! Have any great ideas? I'd love to hear!



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