Jesse BerryComment


Jesse BerryComment

We want women to be strong, assertive, accomplished leaders. Women supporting women is critical for this— and while it is often discussed HOW to do it isn’t — so here are some tips. 🐝

1) be a mentor to another young woman. Take her for coffee or check in via email. Your advice is invaluable.🐝

2) sponsor and promote women. When an opportunity arises to praise or promote another woman in your department- do it! 🐝

3) take a stand against a negative culture for women. Have you ever heard a woman called pushy or bitchy for speaking her mind? Next time correct the person and say: she’s just being an assertive leader 🐝 (then smile calmly)

4) Be transparent even if it makes you vulnerable. Honest discussions about challenges and sacrifices women make for their career is important and informative for other women doing the same- it’s career girl talk 🐝

5) Bring in the boys!! Most men want women to succeed too! They have wives and daughters and they also want an equitable work place but often also don’t know what an impact small changes can make to change gender imbalance. So bring them into the discussion.🐝

We are all stronger together 🐝🐝🐝🐝(happy worker bees together in a hive - get it?) xo


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