Hanacure facial

Hanacure facial

Hey Lovies! So I decided to try this new Hanacure Mask at home and see whether its worth the hype. It's $110 for a set of 4 or $29 for one vial. I am sort of an all-in kind of girl so of course I went with four.


I decided to make it a family matter too because well, why not!? Here's our glamorous (make-up less) pre-mask selfie. You can see that my face is red post washing because it is a little prone to being sensitive. 


This is the cute packaging -- which of course I love -- and a good serum is right up my alley. Pour the serum in the gelling solution, shake it up and you're ready to go!

Paint it on your face, neck, chest and back of hands. A little under the eyes is ok (just not a lot) There's a ton of product in one pack.


There was enough in the vial to share (Don't worry, Grace didn't get any of the real stuff)


And then you wait for 30 minutes....


During this time you end up a grim-reaper version of yourself. It's sort of like Hanacure is playing skin and psychological warfare on you not so subtly suggestion this is what you would look like in 50 years without Hanacure. Note: people have said it hurts but I didn't. It just gets tighter little by little.


Then you wash it off with warm water...


and....wait for it....


I looked a little pink after, but it went away in about 20 minutes and my face felt super smooth. These other two monkeys looked about the same but to be fair, they started out alright. Day two was maybe better? my skin felt smoother and the pores tighter. I don't think this has 'revolutionized' my skincare routine, but I also like the results and will definitely try it again in a few weeks.  Have you tried Hanacure? What are your thoughts? Are the effects additive? Will keep you posted. xoxo


Day two - no make up (except mascara -- which you shouldn't sleep in!). It was actually even better throughout the week and one morning my skin looked so good I literally thought I must have fallen asleep in make up (thank goodness I had not!). So, it wasn't a miracle but meh, I guess enough that I was willing to post a makeup-less selfie on the internet and I felt the results boosted through the week.  I will definitely try again in a few weeks. If you try send me feedback! Can't wait to hear--

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