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On Advocacy

Jesse BerryComment
On Advocacy

I recently participated in the Mid Year Forum in DC where Ophthalmologists from around the country come together to discuss important policies that affect our profession. This was actually my 4th time advocating with this group in DC! We challenged the Young Ophthalmologists to tell us why they advocate and why it is worth it to them – Here is my video on ig!

A continued theme this year was surgery by surgeons – I would demand that for myself and family and wouldn’t expect less for my patients. Only ophthalmologists are trained eye surgeons and while I appreciate and rely on my optometry colleagues, I believe only trained surgeons should be able to operate on patients. 

If you want to know more search #myf2018 and many other vidoes and resources will come up. But c’mon Berry you’re thinking, this is after all a fashion blog – what did you wear to the Hill!?

So, DC and the East Coast are much more formal than LA. Suits are acceptable but blazers are a must. Know your target and dress for it – this is an important tenet for every professional woman. While a sleeveless dress is 100% appropriate in LA, it isn’t in DC and would not help me present myself in the confident, polished way I desired.  So I stuck to some classics but added my own touches-

For the hill. I chose a Neutral Armani long sleeved sheath with a black blazer from No. 8 Blonde. My resident and I met with our Congresswoman Judy Chu!

One of my effortlessly chic colleagues told me she has a small closet of well-made investment pieces that she has worn for 20 years. She sticks with sheaths that fit her well and ignores fads. For a professional woman this is pretty fantastic advice and I definitely echo the classics are a must!

To run a group called LEAP Forward (focused on leadership, engagement, advocacy and practice management for young ophthalmologist) I kept my shoulders covered, but left the blazer behind. I chose The Eaton dress from TheFold London, a favorite. And I mean, the peplum is to die for!

I managed to video this but not photograph it - blogger fail -- but here it is!

Floral Black Halo Sheath for a reception overlooking the Lincoln Memorial (similar here)

A shoes! Wear classic comfortable pumps and bring flats – trust me you won’t regret it!  I brought my tan and black go-to Jimmy Choos. I am sad that they’re getting a little beat up (even with the help of a cobbler) and I may need some new ones soon because I can walk all day in these Choos ;) 

I hope no matter what you do, you love it enough to stand up for it and to advocate for regulations that promote it! #lovewhatyoudo & #lovewhatyouwear (while doing it!)

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