Women in Medicine Part 1 #scrublife

Women in Medicine Part 1 #scrublife

I posted a review on Figs scrubs previously, and since that time the ‘fashion scrub industry’ has exploded with brands that make ‘cool’ scrubs. Jaanuu is one such brand and they recently sponsored our very first Women in Medicine Event for USC AMWA, so I had the great pleasure of trying out the scrubs. I will be sharing more about the Women in Medicine events but they were co-created with one of my fantastic, dynamic med student mentees to provide access to more mentorship in a fun way. I am so grateful to Jaanuu for kicking off our first event and letting so many of us try their scrubs (and do a photo shoot!)!

If you're in the LA area and would like to join in on the events please fill out this form and we will email you!


So here's my scrubs review--


There is an athletic type fabric (seen predominantly in the men’s line but also the women’s) which is super cozy and feels like pajamas but the fabric on the regular scrubs is also super soft.


These scrubs are well more ‘constructed’ than I was used to – but I like it. Aside from pockets they have zippers (hidden and exposed), metallic buttons, and their brand insignia is embroidered on all the pieces. That isn’t my most favorite thing, but the thread is the same color as the scrub in most, so it was a pretty minimal impact.


The main criticism levied at Jaanuu by doctors is that they seem a little too ‘styled’ and maybe less like 'doctors scrubs' . I have to say that I have now worn the black version  (see links) twice on a normal day to work – one was the day we shot with Jaanuu -- and I received multiple compliments including from one of my glaucoma specialists. To me, it seems that Jaanuu is trying to work a different market than just making your scrubs cute – but rather, scrubs you can wear to work or to dinner after work and not feel like you’re just rolling in your scrubs straight from the OR. With this emphasis in mind, they’re really well executed and frankly I wear them more than my Figs (because I would only wear Figs on an OR day, and I need to wear my hospitals OR scrubs, while I wore Jaanuu for a super busy day where I needed to be comfy, but didn’t HAVE to wear scrubs)


Absolutely my favorite. I have tried MULTIPLE white coats ranging from heavy alterations of the ones you’re given at work to make it fit and fancy online versions. This one is my favorite BY FAR (full disclosure, the coat was a gift as were the other fancy one’s I have but I am not paid for my opinion in any way). SO why is it my fave?

1) the material is comfy but breathes – I don’t get hot or feel restricted in it.

2) I (like many) throw my white coat all over the place and this thing does NOT wrinkle easily and

3) the exposed zippers are darling 4) the embroidery is gorgeous.

I definitely think these scrubs are worth a try – and the coat is a must. Use code JABERRY25 25% off your order


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