Power dressing
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Finding and loving your signature style is something ModaMD is all about! It's even better when that style makes you feel confident, sophisticated, prepared and powerful! It's like a little super(wo)man cape underneath that outfit -- I love walking into a room and feeling like that. So I was thrilled to be asked to participate in a feature from Who What Wear UK on what inspiring women from all different professions consider their go-to power outfit.  Check it out and make sure to read to the end (they saved the best for last!). I loved how varied the responses are which just goes to show that the most powerful thing about style is making it your VERY OWN!

What makes you feel powerful? What makes you feel like you're presenting your best self to the world? Comment below (or on instagram) and tell me what power dressing means to you! Go get 'em Modas! xo

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