On Mentorship

On Mentorship

As Moda has grown and changed it has become a platform to speak on the path of professional women, medicine and doctoring, and of course maintaining your own sense of style through it all.

More and more these days I am learning how important it is to have a mentor. Someone to inspire you. To pave a path. To stand firmly behind you and say I’ll catch you if you fall. I was so lucky to have that for ocular oncology. But often it doesn't just take one person to mentor all the facets of your life but many -- and I have been lucky to look to other mentors for work-life balance (still a struggle), being a working woman, advocating for what you want and need in your career and your life, and embracing your most authentic self.

As part of this conversation (with myself!) I’m learning how additionally important it is to BE a mentor. To say fall down, stumble, get back up and fall right back down again... pave this path any way you want... I’ll be standing directly behind you, supporting you, every step and stumble along the way. It’s a role I am growing into and absolutely love. Of course I have may special mentees that are the best and give me a reason to be a better mentor -- - and who also initiate photo shoots in Figs scrubs -- because we are surgeons with a fashion sense in and out of the hospital! And as you can see I like to look like a surgeon even in my 'fancy' scrubs so that's the look I stick to. I worked hard to be a surgeon and don't mind looking like one!


And because I wouldn't be a mentor if I didn't brag a little, please definitely check out The Anatomist Fix for some of the most fantastic anatomic art I have ever seen (on ig too!) Check out the cool eye she made me -- love!

Do you mentor? Have a mentor you're grateful for? What does it mean to you to be a good mentor? I hope this post inspires you to reach out to your mentors and mentees with some love today. xoxo

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