"Dress" outside the box Edit No. 1: THAT red dress!

"Dress" outside the box Edit No. 1: THAT red dress!

In the conference environment, you may feel colorblind watching the waves of navy, black and grey flowing through the hallways.  Of course, everybody wants to “play it safe”, but while you want to be remembered primarily for your work, there’s no harm in also being remembered for your style.

Some “common sense” rules exist (avoid see-through fabric, super short dress lengths, deep cleavage, and particularly any combination of these), but those aside, to me an outfit it is the combination of ALL parts: the very same dress with different shoes and/or different accessories can convey a completely different message.

So hopefully my “dress outside the box” posts will give you some ideas and inspiration to find “head-turning” pieces with the right tone for clinic days and meetings, and the first piece I want to share with you is one of my faves!

After too bright, too tight, too short, too “stretchy” red dresses that were more for a post-meeting evening night out, I found the perfect work-friendly red dress from Ted Baker.

I LOVE this dress because of its stand-out color, yet being professional, comfortable, and most importantly flattering without being revealing. I also love the Tassa dress from LK Bennet, available in red or raspberry! (why not?)  If you want to tune it up a notch it goes wonderfully with a black blazer. As for shoes/accessories: I like wearing it with classic black pumps, (in my picture: Manolo Blahnik)  and your girl-boss black meeting bag (stay tuned for a post on meeting bags!)

So get out there and give your killer talk in your killer dress! 

Found a work-friendly dress that is “outside the box”? Send us a picture! We will love to share it!

Work hard, dress smart!


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