Hi Lovies! It is February and Valentine's Day is around the corner! I had intended to do a whole Valentine's what-to-wear and what-to-gift post....but then I realized it's been done and any busy professional woman will tell you that there's NO USE in reinventing the wheel! You all surely have something gorgeous in your closet that you can wear out! For more inspiration here's our post from last year!  (Frankly, this inspired me to pull that white lace skirt out!)

No matter what they day is (do we need to wait for February 14th!?), I have learned that it is important to make the special people in your life feel loved. Can be your grandma, your guy, your bestie. Take some time this week (or next) to reach out and send some love -- and keep it simple! Like continue a small tradition going (like always having red velvet cupcakes), make a new tradition (like trying the best new Jonathan Gold restaurant) or simply send a thoughtful card.  I liked some of the ideas from the NYT Valentine's day gift piece.

This year I tried a new fun gift which was actually a resounding hit -- a meat bouquet from the Carnivore Club.  Did you even know this existed!? A bouquet of high-end meat jerky! I am from Wisconsin so can be a little picky about my jerky (and my Grandma is NO JOKE) but this was fantastic. The Venison was great and I personally loved the Elk. Order by February 7th for Valentine's Day arrival -- and use coupon code HER15 for 15% off. xoxo

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