Hi Modas! Happy February -- goodness 2018 is already flying by! I hope that you are enjoying a new, refreshing second voice of Moda as much as I am. I have many 2018 goals -- personally, academically, with Moda and of course my own style! One of which was to try to sometimes step out of the heels and sheath dress that I so often rock. Developing one's signature style is a process, and further refining it and keeping it fresh is important. Plus -- change in all forms can be hard -- so recently I decided I would try a few bold blazers to liven up my look. I LOVE a blazer for a busy professional woman because 1) you can wear them professionally as easily as with jeans 2) this versatility makes them extra great for saving space in your luggage when you travel and 3) the right blazer can lend a great shape and just the right amount of polish to pretty much any outfit and 4) it is the perfect way to be a little bold!

So for this bold touch I tried a new brand The Blonde No. 8 (yes, from a sample sale, sorry! I am an LA girl now!). It is light weight wool reversible grey and camouflage. For those of you who know me well, you know camo is not really my style but the fit was so great -- and it worked with my 2018 goals so I gave it a try. I wore it initially with flats and jeans. I intentionally wore upscale accessories to contrast with the edgier blazer. I loved it. People loved it -- what do you all think?

While I liked the cas' look, I also wanted to wear this for work. So I paired the reversed blazer (with just a peek of camo) with a plain black Black Halo sheath dress (my usual go-to). This time, to punch up the hint of camo I purposefully chose edgier accessories like these cute Cole Haan booties instead of my typical pumps.  

So try a new bold look. Be inspired. add a dash of color to your black or polka-dots to your usual stripes. If you choose to be bold with just one accessory it keeps you true to your signature style (which is critical!) -- but still fun and fresh! Send me pics! xo


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