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The Home Edit No. 1

Jesse Berry1 Comment
The Home Edit No. 1

Hi Modas! I am so pleased to formally introduce my #bossbabe co-editor Claudia! Please check out the about page to learn about Moda's new voice! This is her inaugural post: First, a couple of house keeping items: we both can't wait to hear back from you! 

It’s the beginning of a new year, a perfect time to organize, plan ahead, and determine how we are going to tackle the balance between work, household and life this year. Here a couple of time-savers for your week to keep a full fridge (and belly!), and an always clean-tidy home while you work that clinic in your pristine clothes like a true Moda!

1.- That full fridge:

Home cooked meals:

Who does not like a nice home cooked meal after a long day of work? Blue Apron, Marley Spoon, Sun Basket and Hello Fresh, are some of the many available companies that offer a great way to assure home cooked meals throughout the week. They send you a box with the ingredients and recipes, and I LOVE the way they send you ONE egg, and “a bunch” of whatever herb you need, and ONE teaspoon of whatever spice you need! No more, no less… Result: delicious meals and no waste.  Also, their recipes are super quick and simple.

TIP: I get meals for 4 people so my husband and I have dinner and then the leftovers for lunch the next day (lunchbox: check!)


For those additional items beyond the meals (milk, fruit, etc.) I found Instacart, where you can order from a variety of stores.  Just open the app on your phone or the website in your computer, order groceries, and a shopper texts you through the app if they have any questions - then it’s delivered to your home while you’re focusing on that approaching paper deadline!

TIP: I keep adding items to the cart as I go, and then when I’m ready to order I just click “order” and that way I don’t forget anything,

2.- That clean-tidy home:

 When there’s no time to clean and it needs to be done ASAP, another great app is Tidy, which lets you schedule single or recurring cleaning visits, and select certain tasks that need to be done during that time. You can add or cancel sessions or make changes in your “to-do list” at any time either online (, or in their app. And voilà! a “tidy” house!

TIP: you can request a one hour only (less expensive) visit, just to get some help on the more pressing things, and then do the rest when you have time.

3.- Those pristine clothes

 In LA, having to drive anything anywhere always makes things more complicated. For those times when life happens, and the dry cleaner bag keeps filling up, home delivery drycleaners are quite helpful. The apps Rinse and iClean (app), which are essentially the same concept with slight differences in length and extent of their service, are of great help for these times. All you need to do is hang the bag from a hook on your door (both bag and hook provided), and they pick it up and deliver it back. You don’t even have to be home!

TIP: get two bags from them so you keep one filling up while the other is sent out

Hopefully some of these apps will help you manage your busy life in style and I can’t wait to hear what you did with all the time this will free up!

Ciao Bellas!  Claudia


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