I have been spending some time recently exploring the prettiest parts of LA and my neighborhood (see some of my favorite local spots). Some of this is just because I like to know my community and because I am looking at the best places to host nearly 300 ocular oncologists from around the world when the come to LA for the 2019 meeting. So I spent a Saturday morning at Descanso Gardens. It rained a fair amount recently (for LA standards) so the entire place is abloom and it is absolutely gorgeous. If you're in the area, check it out. 

To explore I wore this cute, colorful Clover Canyon dress. This is actually lent to me by a friend (and oculoplastic surgeon extraordinaire) and I was excited to review it. Clover Canyon (sold in many places) has a very brand-specific asthetic. It is very colorful and bright, highly patterned, form fitting and most pieces are made of a super smooth stretch fabric with a slight sheen. The fabric is a polyester & spandex blend and is pretty thick. I like that no lumps bumps or wrinkles show (it is pretty flattering even though it is so form fitting) but the dress itself can ride up and fold -- so you have to be ok with that. In general this brand seems best for less curvy figures and people who like bold colors and patterns (which I do).  I am wearing a size small and think the xs would have been too teensy. Also, these pieces are hand-wash only. I paired this dress with an old, old pair of green patent leather Gucci peep toes. If you choose relatively classic pieces, and take care of them, you can wear them for many years.

I hope this inspires you to try a new place, or a new brand. Until then wish me luck finding the perfect place for this conference!


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