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It has been awhile since my last beauty post so I thought I'd take a moment to update you all pre-spring on what I have been loving about my skin/makeup routine.

I have been using the Neocutis skin care line for about 9 months now (thanks to my awesome colleague Anne who recommended it to me) and have to say I am 100% sold. I have tried many lines -- mirenesse, paula's choice, skin ceuticals, skin medica and while each line has products that I do like -- definitely CE Ferulic is on that list-- none has done wonders for the tone, texture and brightness of my skin like Neocutis. Plus, I should admit, I really (really!) like serums - which is sort of their thing. The Neocutis line is based on PSP or processed skin cell proteins which has been studied for their role in skin healing. I was asked to be specific in sharing my regimen so here goes:


After washing (I use a few different things for this, including NeoCleanse if I feel a little oily but my favorite is actually Fresh Soy cleanser because it is so soft and gentle so I get the punch with my product and simply remove makeup with my cleanser)

bioserum (which is soft and absorbs quickly-- it is my base AM and PM)

then reactive which is a vitamin C based serum

then journee (spf!) with hyalis (a hyaluronic acid based moisturizing serum) mixed in as my moisturizer. I find I don't need any sort of base after this -- my skin is soft and ready for whatever makeup I may use. 

In the PM:

bioserum (again)

then perle which is a brightening cream. I find that a lot of brightening creams sting or tingle and I don't find that at all here but do see great results.

then BioCream (or Balm if I am dry) and Lumiere eyecream which is the first eye cream that I like -- it isn't oily or irritating and I have never gotten a milia with it.

Sometimes, I use Nouvelle if I am feeling a little oily (which is a retinol based cream, the scent isn't my fave but at least it isn't perfumed which is bad for skin, and it rarely leaves me too dry) -- it is a good, non-drying alternative to prescription retinol creams. And for little hyper-pigmentations I use the spot treatment pen. Rarely, but more often in the LA summer, I will also use the neck cream which is smooth and soft and absorbs quickly -- which is so nice -- but I am a little lazy and would rather just smear the face serums on my neck too (but please do smear! your neck also needs love)!  

I also like that there are stronger more intensive products (for anti-aging, fine lines, moisturizing etc) in this line which I can add into my regimen as my skin care needs change. You can find many of these products at a local dermatologist but if you need help shoot me an email! I can help find a few products that are right for you too!

I also want to send out some love for this awesome Laura Mercier master palette. This was a Christmas gift from my sister and I travel so much (and often get ready at the gym) that it is so, SO handy to have all my makeup needs in a tiny little kit. I bring my Mirenesse smooth nude cc cream and the clinique superpowder which I have been wearing, in Matte Ivory, since I think I was 16 and I am ready to go!

I am off to Sydney Australia for the International Society of Ocular Oncology this weekend! These serums are packed (and Mirenesse is from Australia so I will be checking them out in store!). Make sure to follow instagram for posts on conference style and fun in Australia! I have some favorites from TheFold, Stella & Jamie, Karen Zambos and Black Halo packed!


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