Take back your closet

Take back your closet

Since starting Moda about 9 months ago (exciting!) I have been asked to post on closet organization -- and getting mine back in tip top shape was a 2017 goal. But I've delayed posting on it because it really was never that bad (I am a pretty organized girl overall -- which is why I have clothing from medical school that is still well taken care of, classic pieces still in style, and I just wore a white sweater dress in the Archives post from many years ago). So instead of faking a before and after here are 5 simple tips to keep your clothes organized and your closet a happy space (oh, and speaking of resolutions! I made it to March with no shopping for clothes & shoes -- woo!)

1) Group things by function and then by color and then by sleeve length

--- place work pants and skirts in one section, dresses in another (done by sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve in each color swath) and if you have the room keep all your cocktail dresses somewhere else. I am so-so good about doing this.

2) Fold sweaters and other knit things (and store them with some cedar, or in bags). Sweaters on hangers stretch out and make you sad.

3) if you have the room, keep your shoes in boxes. They will last SO much longer, you will be thrilled when they're not dusty, and it makes it easier to choose because there is a label on the side of the box often with a picture of your cute kicks. The more you see in your closet the more you can wear it. Keep things like winter boots (for this Cali girl at least) on high shelves and the flats you wear every day directly accessible. Again, pending room, display your purses, make them easy to choose & keep them safe from dust with a shelf organizer (I tried this one which had more assembly than I realized but no tools and it took me 20 minutes!). The purse bags are on the inside now with some padding so that the leather doesn't crush.

4) Speaking of seeing and accessing things, you will love your drawers, and be more likely to wear the things in them, if you follow the ever-adorable Marie Kondo's clothes folding method (see You-tube video here). This one really was so useful for me.  (my before and after below)

5) Finally, if you spend as much time in your closet as I do in mine, decorate it! Let your pretty bags show or your shoes or whatever it is that makes you smile. I painted my closet royal purple and hung art in it! Why? Well, because I can and because it makes me happy every morning when I see it.

I am not sure if everyone's goal needs to be a purple closet or organization that allows you to keep clothes for a decade, but I hope these tips will help you create a closet you love as much as I love mine! 



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