The Interview edit: top 5 picks

It is interview season again! Whew, the academic year just keeps flying by. I'm posting this earlier this week because we are inviting all the ophthalmology candidates THIS WEEK! This is such a fun time for me as an academic ophthalmologist and fashion blogger because I hear from so many residents and med students looking for interview wear options!

Last year I posted on conference and interview styles Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 -- featuring some of my choices and those of my colleague (love!). I hope you will use these posts as some inspiration within your own wardrobe to put together a killer interview outfit.

This year, I wanted to be a bit more practical so here are a few of my top choices for this interview season.

1) A suit for the interview circuit

My first suit was Ann Taylor and I still recommend their suits as a base. I recommend black, navy or grey. Buy the pants, the pencil skirt, the sheath dress and a great fitting blazer and you will have no trouble getting through the multiple-interviews-a-week-plus-travel medical school and residency circuit.

I love this option! blazer, skirt, pant & dress 

2) add a few colored tops like the Carmine from The Fold London and you will be all set.

3) A good set of neutral (black or navy) pumps is key. Keep them in the 75-90mm range for heel height (lower is ok too -- although height gives a sense of confidence -- but a taller heels is not suited for interviews). I'm loving Tamara Mellon these days. 

4) A sheath dress to wear under your black blazer is a great touch -- this is more appropriate for less conservative interviews for sure (job, not medical school). My go-to is always the Classic Jackie-O from Black Halo which looks as gorgeous under a blazer as it does as a dinner party. Navy with a navy pumps and a lighter blazer is a great look.

5) An interview bag -- black is generally the choice here but you could definitely pull off a light neutral tone too. I like the Rebecca Minkoff Regan (she does structured bags which I love). If you prefer a less-structured option, Cuyana makes gorgeous leather totes (even the 'structured' isn't really that firm though!). Or splurge on the Senreve Doctor's bag.

I hope these recommendations help and as always reach out to me if you need more! Good luck and see you on the trail --

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