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2017: Looking Ahead

Jesse BerryComment
2017: Looking Ahead

The New Year is here! I spent a lovely couple of days in one of my favorite places, Palm Springs, which allowed me to plan and prep for the year ahead -- one of my goals of course is to make ModaMD even better! This year I will be adding in some of my other passions on Moda -- travel, anatomic art (love defective barbie), wine & food -- both on the instagram feed as well as touches on the blog. I've been asked to be a little more verbose on the blog (NO ONE has ever asked me to do this in real life - lol!) so I will write more and have some more how-to's. To start off here are my 2017 resolutions -- I figured if I publish them on the internet maybe I am more likely to keep them? Any resolutions you need encouragement to keep? Share them here!

New Year's Resolutions 2017: organized by self, home & work

1. Move On (don't we all need to, in some way?)
2. say YES, but only if it is for something positive, beneficial to you or those around you, or makes you smile. Otherwise say no.
3. Listen to NPR at least one way to work (really, be and stay informed)
4. Continue to explore your city 
1. Organize closet (yes, a post is coming)
2. No shopping until March (OMG! yes, another post will come!)
3. Finish decorating (thankfully I have SugarMynt to help me out here - 'Contagious' by Defective Barbie is featured above)
1. Apply for research grants for ocular oncology (with a slew of mini goals under this! eee!)
2. Present well at the upcoming academic meetings including in Australia and Peru
3. Give Back: volunteer with Freedom & FashionKnow the Glow, Harvard college interviews and USC Roski Eye Institute events

Happy 2017 Everyone! Remember, spend this year doing what you love, and loving what you wear while doing it -- Let's make 2017 great! xoxo

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