I would walk 5000 miles

I wear heels all (alllll.....) the time but mostly because I am very (very!) short and not for any other good reason. The couple of inches keeps me out of Doogie Howser territory. Anyways, I was asked to link to a few of my favorite flats to help everyone keep those feet comfortable all day long. So here we go:

1) Valentino Rock Stud Ballerina. Lots of colors. I prefer the calfskin to the patent leather but you choose. Good for work, cocktails, sunday brunch. 

2) Chanel Ballerinas. A friend of mine says you can wear whatever you want as long as you have your Chanel flats on. Probably true. 

3) Ferragamo Varina. I'm a sucker for bright colors and a bow, clearly. 

4) Tory Burch ballet flats. I prefer the ones without the big T's actually, but the peep-toe here is cute.

5) The eyeball-love Kenzo has been showing these days was sure to get my attention. These are so comfortable I wear them every time I fly.

6) J. Crew does really pretty, comfy flats at a great price point.

shoes, Valentino. Henna, Freedom & Fashion. #FNFBangladesh2016

shoes, Valentino. Henna, Freedom & Fashion. #FNFBangladesh2016

7) I don't have any but my bestie loves Corso Como flats and she gets great deals on amazon!

8) I am anxiously awaiting a sale on the Hermes Laura in burgundy. They're so insanely gorgeous!

Here's to many happy feet and the next 5000 miles.

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