Welcome to ModaMD a fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to the full, busy, crazy lives of professional women.  

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This site is years in the making (blame that full, busy, crazy life and an ophtho residency!). The spark came in medical school where it was clear that many young female doctors struggled with what to wear and how to present themselves as smart and fashionable and professional all at once. This spark grew into a flame during my residency as more and more doctors asked me how to look amazing in and out of their white coat. So...finally ModaMD is dedicated to all you smart, gorgeous MDs out there. You're already a boss - just live it!

A little about me?

I'm Jess Berry - JB for short. I'm a surgeon, ocular oncologist (yes, really, that exists), self-proclaimed foodie, oenophile and fashionista. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and then spent nearly a decade on the East coast for Harvard College, Medical School and an internship in NYC. I was told many times in many ways that the things I loved did not and would not work with a career in medicine -- I shunned the stereotypes every time -- and so should you! 

I moved to Los Angeles for my ophthalmology and ocular oncology post-graduate training and had the distinct privilege of being chief to a group of 6 residents who coined WWJBD - What Would Jess Berry Do. I finally decided JB would take on ocular oncology and medical doctor fashion blogging -- I mean why not? I now treat patients at the University of Southern CA Roski Eye Institute and Children's Hospital Los Angeles and I'm as passionate about my job & rocking out a case in the OR, as I am about exploring the rest of the great world around me like pop-up restaurants, pilates, Liquid Farm chardonnay, and a good sample sale (love, love these!).  By day you'll find me training future eye surgeons or treating patients (maybe even passing on a little WWJBD), by night you'll find me exploring this amazing city I call home.

My goal with Moda is to share my love for fashion -- with a dash of art, food, skin care (Rodan and Fields of late), cosmetics and travel -- to encourage other professional women (ahem that's you #bosslady) to explore their own passions in and out of work. I wear what I like, but you will see that I feature a lot of Los Angeles based female designers that I admire - Stella & Jamie, Black Halo, Karen Zambos, Trina Turk and Ophelia Song to name a few. If you're reading this, I hope you will find a little inspiration from this site in finding your own path, creating a life you love that is full and authentic, and dressing well along the way. xo

In 2018 I brought on a fabulous Moda Co-Editor, Claudia. Providing a voice for other strong women and encouraging all facets of their life (and lifestyle) is so true to the goals of so it was time! Here's a little about my new partner in crime:

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I cannot tell you how excited to join as ModaMD’s Co-Editor. Certainly, the bar has been set quite high!

I am also an ophthalmologist - a cataract-refractive and cornea surgeon - practicing in Los Angeles, and originally from Caracas, Venezuela where I lived until I completed medical school. The word MODA (which means fashion both in Spanish and Italian) is quite familiar to me. Coming from an Italian mother and a Spanish father, my Italian genes express the art of dressing and behaving elegantly, while my Spanish ones the art of balancing hard working with the enjoyment of the pleasures of life: travel, food, wine, art…


As a blend of Italian and Venezuelan, I have always celebrated my feminine side, and that has not been easy as a female surgeon. My gender, ethnicity, and fashion-forward approach have occasionally generated preconceived notions about me that I have had to push through. But my diversity has also been celebrated in many instances and the overall balance has been very positive.

That balance has helped me focus on the positive, embrace who I am, and thrive to become the ideal professional woman I want to be, while enjoying la joie de vivre! And ModaMD is an exciting new avenue for me to share how I have gotten closer to that ideal work-life balance, and to help you get closer to yours!

So here’s to loving what we do, and doing it with style!